Segun Agbalajobi believes that Ekiti State deserves better.

img-20170224-wa027Segun Agbalajobi believes that Ekiti State deserves better. For so long now have they been misrepresented and badly governed that now is the time for change, change for the better. Ekiti state holds some of the brightest minds and most educated people in Nigeria. He therefore believes that Ekiti State can become a role model to all the other states in all fields, especially education. Knowledge is power and in order for not just Ekiti state, but Nigeria as a whole to become a major influence in world matters, the education system must improve drastically.

No more should students of any age have to miss out on their education either because they cannot afford it or because their teachers are on strike. He feels, as do many Nigerians that it is time for Nigeria as a nation to get up and move on.

Why? This is the question that many will ask. Why does he want to become Governor? Some cynics will say that he is doing it for the money, others that he is doing it for the power and influence that comes along with the job. NONE of these are true. He is not a poor man trying to become wealthy, neither is he a wealthy man looking for power and influence.

Segun Agbalajobi is simply an ordinary Nigerian. He is no different to any other man from Ekiti State. He is an idealist that is challenging because he feels that the situation in Ekiti state is far from ideal. He is a simple man that has decided to stand up and make a difference in Ekiti state. He asks that you stand up with him and help right all the wrongs and make a better Ekiti state for yourselves and all future generations to come. One man alone cannot change Ekiti state, but together we can.


– This is his family nickname. He is fighting your corner. With your support he can come back victorious.


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The Biography Of Bovi [Age, Life Profile, History & Net Worth]


pBovi Ugboma (born September 25, 1979) simply known as Bovi is a Nigerian comedian, director, producer, actor, and writer from Delta State, Nigeria. He has organized popular stand-up comedy concerts like Bovi Man On Fire across the globe.

Bovi Ugboma was born in Benin City, where he attended UNIBEN staff schools.

He attended secondary school at Ughelli Northern in Delta State, and proceeded to Delta State University where he studied Theatre Arts.

Bovi began his career in April 2007, starring in the sitcom Extended Family, which he produced, wrote, and packaged.

The show was very popular, and by 2008 Bovi was leading comedy shows and events throughout Nigeria. He participated in Nite of 1000 Laughs organized by Opa Williams. Bovi has worked alongside other Nigerian comedians such as I Go Dye, I Go Save, Basketmouth, Buchi, Odogwu, Okey Bakassi, Julius Agwu and others.

* An Uzomedia Biography

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The Biography Of Klint Da Drunk [Age, Life Profile & Net Worth]

Afametuna Klint Igwemma popularly known by his stage name Klint Da Drunk was born on March 3, 1973. He is a comedian, actor and a musician. Klint didn’t start his career at an adult age but as a teenager when he began showcasing his talent in school and church dramas as a drunk.

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Books That You Must Read In 2017

The List of the Books that you must  Read in 2017

1. My 50 Greatest Lessons in Life & Winning Principles for Success by Dayo Olomu
2. If I Could Tell You Just One Thing…: Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice by Richard Reed, Samuel Kerr
3. The President’s Devotional: The Daily Readings That Inspired President Obama by Joshua DuBois
 4. Bad Leadership: What It Is, How It Happens, Why It Matters (Leadership for the Common Good) by Barbara Kellerman
 5. Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World by Noreena Hertz
6. Decision Making the Easy Way: The #1 Strategic Thinking and Decision Making Hack (Decisiveness, Strategic Thinking, Smart Choices, Decision Making, Make … Business Strategy, leadership skills) byTiffany Hurd
7. Mindset – Updated Edition: Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential by Carol Dweck
8. The End of Power: From Boardrooms to Battlefields and Churches to States, Why Being In Charge Isn’t What It Used to Be by Moises Naim
9. Winners: And How They Succeed by Alastair Campbell
 10. The Success Principles(TM) – 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer
 11. Aliko Mohammed Dangote: The Biography of the Richest Black Person in the World by Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo and Margie Marie Neal
12. Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success by Matthew Syed
13. … And I Breathed: My Journey from a Life of Matter to a Life That Matters by Jason Garner, Bruce Lipton
 14. 35 Marks of Irrepressible Leadership: Unique qualities for unsurpassable, powerful and passionate leadership. Habits of leaders who change their world by Matthew Ashimolowo
 15. To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Persuading, Convincing, and Influencing Others by Daniel H Pink
 16. Brand You: Turn Your Unique Talents into a Winning Formula (Financial Times Guides) by John Purkiss and David Royston-Lee
17. Are you job ready?: Top skills employers everywhere want by Syed Ahmed Hussaini
18. Thoughts Become Things: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World by Jo Banks
19. Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think by Viktor May
20. 30 Ways of Knowing How Great You Are By Olakunle Agboola. This book will reposition your thinking.
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